A Few Words with Photographer Bill Emory

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Why do you prefer your photos in black and white?

The world is a complicated place. Black and white photography provides a way to simplify, to distill and re-present the world.

Where do you find inspiration for your photography?

I want to leave something behind. A love song, a well made thing, or just castings like a worm. Product from a life. It is compulsive behavior. Futile. A crumb trail. But, have to try.

How has your photography changed over the years?

I take the same picture, over and over again. Hopefully, my technique hasn’t changed much. The world does the changing.

What artists do you find inspiring or interesting?

Larry Brown has got my attention right now. Reading a Miracle of Catfish. He is a visual writer.

How did you acquire your first camera? Do you remember the first photo you ever took?

I can’t remember not having a camera.
I remember the first roll of black and white film I developed. Still have it.

What is your favorite photo? That you’ve taken? By others?

Impossible question.

What was/is the motivation behind your photo blog?

Sanity & happiness through show and tell.

Do you carry your camera everywhere you go?